Wholesale Solution

Our wholesale solution targets services providers which offer postpaid and prepaid call exchange services or act as voice traffic aggregators.

In this business models carriers act as “man in the middle” for voice services. They profit from buying and aggregating routes from partners and selling them at margin to other partners.

This model also includes origination providers who sell in bulk their own wholesale routes to other carriers.


Who can use our Wholesale VoIP solution?

  • VoIP carriers purchasing VoIP traffic from other carriers
  • VoIP carries who wish to act as aggregators and resell specific direct routes
  • VoIP carriers who wish to act as VoIP aggregators for global call coverage and A-Z routes
  • VoIP carriers who wish to provide specific termination routes to other service providers or enterprises
  • Service providers who offer retail services and would like to maximize their margin by aggregating multiple routes
  • Carriers or enterprises who wish to manage their call traffic based on complex routing logic – cost, quality, priority etc.


Our Solution

Our system provides a comprehensive solution for Wholesale VoIP business model.

Core features include:

  • Fully integrated customer billing with individual tariffs and charges
  • Flexible priority routing based on: priority, cost, quality, prefix match
  • Individual tuned client routing to dedicated termination routes
  • Real time call authorization and call routing
  • Comprehensive ingress and egress number translations
  • Comprehensive cost analysis and route building tools
  • Real time call rating, costing and margin calculations
  • Call failover of up to 5 best routes for increased overall system ASR
  • Comprehensive revenue assurance reports for traffic profitability analysis
  • Comprehensive traffic reports for assessing routes performance


How it is done?

  • Carrier creates necessary system configuration for partner charging and routes
  • Partner sends traffic to our integrated switch
  • The system makes sure that the call sender is authorized to use the service
  • The platform makes best decision in real time on where to terminate the call
  • On call disconnect the system rates the call and records all charges and costs in the CDR
  • Rated CDRs are used for Billing, traffic reconciliation and other business purposes
  • Partners can check the CRM site and review call reports or download CDRs