Call Zones

AVAHosted introduces the concept of call zones. Call zones are very valuable when granular call categorization and call determination must be made based incoming on ANI/DNIS combinations.


The functionality allows service providers to price and rate local calls, intra and interstate calls and international calls separately. This includes rating of Toll Free calls as well as Voice Applications such as directory assistance, custom CLASS 5 applications etc.

Core features include:

  • Possibility to define up to six call zones – Zone 1 – e.g. local calls , Zone 2 – e.g. intrastate calls, Zone 3 – e.g. Interstate calls, Zone 4 – e.g. international calls, Zone 5 – Toll Free calls, Zone 6 – voice applications – e.g. directory assistance.
  • Import prefix maps for ANI/DNIS of individual zones – for example intrastate NPA NXX for USA
  • Configure individual tariffs with specific rate for each call zone
  • Allows ANI based billing of Toll Free numbers
  • Tax individually calls from different call zones