Call Shops and Internet Cafés

Call Shops and Internet Cafés are very popular in countries where the cost of the telephony services is relatively high or the number of telecom providers is small and heavily regulated.

Resorts and tourist attractions areas are also popular places where the Call Shop/Internet Café businesses have developed well.


With the introduction of VoIP the barrier to start your own Call Shop or Internet Café business has lowered and a very good opportunity has emerged for many Call Shop operators to profit from offering very attractive long distance and international calling rates by using VoIP technology.

Our Call Shop/Internet Café component is a unified solution for end-to-end management of Call Shop/Internet Café businesses. The system allows Call Shop/Internet Cafe operators to centrally manage a chain of Call Shops and offer prepaid or postpaid calling services to end users. The solution enables Call Shop/Internet Café operators to maximize profit by leveraging multiple termination carriers on a single system.


Our Solution

Our system provides an end-to-end solution for the Call Shop/Internet Café business model.

Core features include:

  • On demand plans for Call Shops and Internet Cafés with real time invoice generation
  • Custom recurring, one time or manual charges
  • Flexible priority routing based on: priority, cost, quality, prefix match for maximum margins
  • Real time call authorization and call routing
  • Real time call rating, costing and margin calculations
  • Call failover of up to 5 best routes for best end user experience
  • Comprehensive revenue assurance reports for profitability analysis
  • Comprehensive traffic reports for assessing routes performance
  • Switch agnostic – use either our end-to-end packages with cost saving open source software or couple with commercial switches of your choice


How it is done?

  • Call Shop customers place calls to desired destinations from a phone booth or a soft phone on a PC in Internet Café
  • The system makes sure that the call sender is authorized to use the requested service and identifies the phone booth or soft phone
  • The platfrorm keeps track and charges the phone calls placed but the customer in the booth
  • Upon completion of calls the Call Shop Operator presents the customer a bill for all calls made during the call session at the booth
  • The system keeps track of all bills for later review and provides vital analytical and reporting information to the Call Shop/Internet Café owner