AVA Hosted – VoIP Just Got Easier

AVA Hosted is a VoIP turn-key solution at an affordable monthly cost, with immediate implementation, and without any deployment risks.

The main features of this billing and switching software as a service (SaaS) are its powerful CDR mediation, comprehensive call pricing and rating, VoIP billing and provisioning, intelligent priority routing, flexible CRM portal, and advanced reporting with integrated Data Warehouse. AVA Hosted supports all the traditional telecom business cases – prepaid and postpaid VoIP, wholesale and retail VoIP, calling cards, callback, enterprise VoIP, etc.

The service is available both as a CLOUD solution (on our servers, in our data center) and as an ON-PREMISE solution (on customer servers, in customer data center).

Below are only some of the benefits the hosted service will bring to your business:

Save you money

You do not have to make big investments in order to start/run your VoIP business

Save you time

You can start/scale up your VoIP business immediately without any delays for implementation, integration, and deployment

Minimize your risks

It allows a quick exit strategy without the associated risks of losses on sale of VoIP equipment or write off of assets

Increase your flexibility

You can scale up the capacity of your wholesale or retail VoIP network easily and without any delay or losses

Create for you competitive advantage

With our robust routing, billing, and reporting utilities you will be able to better serve your customers and beat your competitors

Make your life easier

Our intuitive interface and comprehensive features makes the using of the system easy and pleasant and minimizes the stress of your work