AVAHosted is a carrier-grade VoIP turnkey solution at an affordable monthly cost, with immediate implementation, and without any deployment risks. Built on open source technologies such as robust Linux Operating System, PostgreSQL DBMS, PHP, Perl and coupled with our proprietary high performance rating, billing and taxation engines the platform provides a reliable backend allowing customers to focus on their business needs rather than technical problems.


Our routing subsystem is conceptually split into 3 functional layers: Application Layer – User Interface, Routing Layer – Real Time Routing Engine, Switching Layer.

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Billing and Invoicing

In AVAHosted billing is a complex process which includes multiple processes each of which handles specific tasks and aspects of the billing and interacts with one or more engines.

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AAA Engine

Our AAA Engine exports high-level abstract API functions to implement AAA protocol.

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Data Warehouse

The Data Warehouse stores history data to facilitate the reporting, analysis and decision making processes.

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Voice Switching

AVAHosted is integrated with a couple of open source switching engines: YATE and Asterisk Open Source PBX.

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CDR Mediation

Our Mediation Engine offers a flexible mechanism for real time conversion and manipulation of multiple concurrent third party CDR streams.

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System Architecture

AVAHosted has been designed from ground up with the needs of the service providers in mind.

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Pricing and Rating
We recognize the rapidly changing business environment as clients strive to differentiate services and offerings.

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Rating Engine

AVAHosted relies on a proprietary high performance rating engine to process a very high volume of authorization and accounting transactions in real time.

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Hardware Requirements

Two types of servers are proposed for the On-Premise Solution: Standard Edition and High-Availability Edition.

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