Roles and Privileges

AVAHosted implements a role based access control (RBAC) model to restrict access to system features for authorized users only.

This approach allows creation of multiple custom user roles with most granular definition or access permissions to specific objects or activities.


One or more permissions to perform necessary operations (create, modify, view or delete) on system objects are assigned to specific roles. Because users are not assigned permissions directly but through assigned roles the management of individual access privileges is a matter of assigning or un-assigning desired roles.

Access roles can be created for various job functions within the organization to map the specific business and security requirements. Multiple roles can be assigned or un-assigned to system users ensuring maximum flexibility and least management overhead at any time.

Core functions include:

  • Create and manage roles
  • Limit number of users who can use specific role
  • Assign access privileges for specific operations on objects – create, modify, view or delete
  • Assign roles to system users to provide desired permissions