The AVA Hosted team provides comprehensive support services to all its customers.

Our staff is dedicated to making sure that our SaaS solution is deployed, maintained and upgraded in the most efficient and effective manner.

We are committed to maximum customer satisfaction and take proactive measures to eliminate any issues in advance.

Our support services cover the following activities needed for your VoIP business:

  • System Administration of AVA Hosted and OS *
  • System Monitoring of AVA Hosted and OS *
  • Remote troubleshooting of AVA Hosted technical issues
  • All AVA Hosted new releases and upgrades
  • Secure website for online customer service response
  • Escalation process for prioritization and queuing of issues
* AVA Hosted Cloud only
Releases and Updates

The AVA Hosted team is constantly working on enhancing the features and performance of our SaaS solution. We listen carefully to our customers and reflect their business requirements into the service’s core or add-on functionalities.

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Support Process

All issues should be submitted in our tracking system. Users are encouraged to provide as much information about the equipment, configuration and problem as possible. A reply is immediately sent to the customer, containing a tracking number for each case.

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